Monday, November 10, 2008

Awesome Birthday Gift!

Here is the latest addition to my reptile family. This is Onyx (Male Anry Corn Snake). Valerie got him for my Birthday and he is going to me my soul mate for Nixon (Female Hypo Corn Snake). I will keep everyone posted as they will be mating shortly after winter. I know you guys are just as stoked as I am.

Float Tubing Wishon

Finally got a break from the studio and headed up to Wishon Lake (California).  This was my first time on a float tube. This sucks because now I never want to fish without one. I caught 7 Rainbow Trout, 5 of which were between Best part was that I cooked half of them on the tailgate for lunch!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I’m back!... and in one piece.

So I went on a company white water rafting trip on July 10-13th. On the American River. Here is my sweet little home away from home.

The second day Val and I decided to float the river because it was so smooth the first day. We quickly learned that tubing was much rougher than in a 16ft inflatable raft, with a guide.

Saturday we discovered what rafting was all about on a "Class 3" rapid. (And yes there are 5 of us on this raft.)

Here is one more image for you. This rapid is called "Trouble Maker" it is a class 4 rapid and everyone in the boat was wondering how we got down so smooth... Well I knew how!

The fallowing weekend the guide took me to the Kern River which contained stage 3 and 4 Class rapids. That is where the fun began.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

What's Up Family!

I finally had a day off so I thought I would join the crowd. I am really excited to keep in touch with the family. Here is Valerie (Girlfriend) & I hangin out with the cutiest little girl in the world!